Mark Oakeshott Consulting LLC

Mark Oakeshott Consulting Services

Representation & Guidance


Add Mark Oakeshott to your company! Through regular weekly calls I can provide advice and guidance on a range of issues affecting your business where my experience and knowledge can add significant value to your company or trade organization.

Providing ongoing advice and guidance on future strategy, sales and marketing, expansion, organization structure, reciprocity, compliance, contracts and dispute resolution, your company will benefit from 40 years of industry experience.

Initial Discussion: Complimentary.

Cost: $500 per month.

Sale or Acquisition


If you are thinking of selling your business or seeking to expand through an acquisition or a strategic alliance, call me first for a strictly confidential discussion.

Sellers often fail to achieve a fair value or find the right buyer by failing to market and prepare their company professionally. If you are seeking to expand, I will either match your company with a businesses that I know have an interest in selling or use my experience and market knowledge to discreetly identify potential targets.

Needs Analysis: Complimentary.

Cost: Quote based upon scope of services.



Not all companies have the time and resources to manage and execute expansion plans or other important projects.  All too often projects fail, not because the idea was bad, but as a result of poor implementation.

With a proven record of leadership and project management experience, I can help provide the management, advice and hard work that is so important to keep projects on schedule and on budget, that results in a successful outcome for your company or organization.

Initial Discussion: Complimentary.

Cost: Quote based upon scope of services.

Content Writing


You only have so many chances to catch the attention of potential customers and trade partners. Sadly, I see so many marketing messages fail because they do not capture the attention of your audience or are not well written.

By matching my writing skills with a good understanding of what motivates your customers, I can provide strong support to your marketing efforts, build your brand and make sure that social media posts, newsletters or articles promote your company effectively and are not ignored.

Initial Discussion: Complimentary.

Cost: Quote based upon scope of services.

Speaking Engagements


People attending conventions and events deserve more than general business speakers that know nothing about the realities of the moving industry and cannot use any of the content to improve their company

Contact me for your next business meeting if you are seeking someone that understands the industry.  As an independent speaker I will provide thought provoking content on the current market, trends in the international moving industry and what to watch for in the future.

Needs Analysis: Complimentary.

Cost: Travel and Expenses.

Non-Executive Company Advisor


Moving company boards or management committees are either made up of employees that are too close to the business or external advisors that do not understand the moving industry.

I am available to join your company as a Non-Executive Board  or Management Committee Advisor.  By bringing 38 years of corporate experience to your company I will provide an independent view and constructive input that will have a positive impact to your business and management meetings.

Needs Analysis: Complimentary.

Cost: Quote based level of activity.