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Over 40 years, my career has taken me from an entry level job to the boardroom.  I have been fortunate to have travelled the world and worked with hundreds of international moving companies, ranging from small single location moving operations to the largest moving and relocation companies in the industry. In April 2018 I established Mark Oakeshott Consulting to provide an affordable, trusted, and experienced resource to help companies navigate their way through one of the most challenging environments the industry has faced.

If you need strategic or practical guidance on growing your business or simply running your company, I will use my corporate experience to provide a fresh set of eyes that will add value and lead to clearer decision making.  If you need help in targeting your sales and marketing I will use my extensive network and knowledge of the market to help you promote your company more effectively. If you are expanding I can identify potential target companies and provide support with business due diligence.  Finally, if you are planning to sell your company I will deliver a confidential and professional service to help market and position your company for sale.  

Contact me for a discussion.  If I can't help, I will tell you and it has cost you nothing!  My reputation is built on the highest levels of confidentiality.

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