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Mark Oakeshott Consulting is proud to be providing representation, business guidance and advice to the following companies in the moving and relocation industry:

  • South East Europe - Matrix Relocation Matrix is a family owned and operated network, providing high quality international and European moving services in the corporate, government and consumer market segments in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Croatia and Macedonia.

  • France - NEER Service Consistently a FIDI-FAIM "top performer", NEER Services are one of the few international moving companies in France that does not sub-contract moving services. This is reflected in very high transferee satisfaction scores and low claims in the corporate, government and consumer market. See company presentation below.

  • Hungary - NSEW With over 20 years-experience and headquartered in Budapest, NSEW is the stand-out independent moving and relocation and immigration services provider in Hungary.  With a proactive attitude throughout the team, NSEW Moving & Storage service coverage also extends into Austria, Romania, and Slovakia using their own crews and resources.  See company presentation below.

  • United Kingdom - AGM Group See company presentation below. Focused on investing in the areas of the business that have the biggest impact to the customer and providing services across each market segment, the AGM Group comprises the following companies:
    • Abels - Providing high quality services to consumers in local, national, intra-European and international moving. 
    • Gerson Relocation - "The" international corporate and relocation DSP service specialist in the UK market.
    • Momentous - Providing the care and expertise needed for the packing and transportation of fine art, together with hotel installations and logistics.

  • United Kingdom - Ballards Removals Ballards Removals operate in the Midlands and North of the United Kingdom.  Founded on a strong family legacy and quality ethos, the company is embracing the future and growing rapidly through a combination of a diversified service portfolio and an energetic sales and marketing presence. See company presentation below.

  • Canada - Focus Moving Services Inc. With locations in Toronto and Ottawa, Focus Moving is another fast growing international and cross-border moving company with a mission to provide high quality services while delivering value for money to their customers.

  • Contour Logistics Contour Logistics specialize in export and import services in the international moving "groupage" market segment.  With a strong history of experience in this segment Contour have built a reputation for operational efficiency in this competitive consumer market.


Mark Oakeshott Consulting is proud to be providing representation, business guidance and advisory services to the following companies in the moving technology services segment:

  • Move4U Move4U provide a range of technology solutions that allow moving companies to adopt technology for each part of their business in building blocks, minimizing disruption and without the commitment of long term license fees.

  • RedSky RedSky is a completely cloud based software solution that streamlines the entire move management process from initial contact through to invoicing in an easy-to-use application.


Mark Oakeshott Consulting is proud to be providing representation, business guidance and advisory services to the following companies in moving insurance and claims settlement market segment:

  • France - Corporate Services International Corporate Service International provide a comprehensive household goods claims inspection and high quality repair network throughout France.