Mark Oakeshott Consulting LLC

Three Decades of Experience


The Early Years

Mark began his career with Pickfords Removals in the United Kingdom and learnt the business from the bottom up.  In 1989, Mark led Pickfords through ISO 9001 accreditation, the first moving company in the world to achieve this distinction.

In 1991, Mark was selected to relocate to the United States to work on the development and execution of the Allied Pickfords International Moving Network. Mark was responsible for establishing the service delivery model and managing supply chain for what became one of the leading international moving networks in the world.  



Mark went on to lead SIRVA’s International Moving Division and was also involved in the strategic expansion of SIRVA’s global footprint, which included responsibility for a highly successful joint-venture in Brazil.

With a strong strategic mind-set, Mark then served as European Growth Officer, developing and executing SIRVA’s expansion strategy in the relocation and move management business segments. Mark also retained global supply chain leadership for SIRVA’s International Moving Network in more than 150 countries.


Embracing Change

In October 2016, Mark joined Crater Group Co., a technology and services company focused on transforming the moving experience for customers through the use of video surveys.  Crater’s initial application, SurveyBot, quickly became the platform of choice for moving companies around the world and Mark helped position Crater as a credible entrant in the moving services industry with significant resulting revenue growth.